Upcoming 2014 Events

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* Saturday, June 21
____ Guest curator: Tiff Dressen ____
Readers:  Christopher Daniels, Susanne Dyckman, Denise Leto,
Anna Soteria Morrison, Monica Regan,
John Sakkis, Alana Siegel, Eleni Stecopoulos

* Saturday, July 26
____ Guest curator: Erica Lewis ____
Readers:  Michelle Detorie, Carrie Hunter, Lauren Levin,
Alexandra Naughton, Ted Rees, Dan Thomas-Glass,
Jessica Wickens & Della Watson, Valerie Witte

* Saturday, August 30
____ Curator: Donna de la Perrière ____
Readers:  Megan Breiseth, Trevor Calvert, Natalie Catasus,
Norma Cole, Gillian Conoley, Owen Hill,
Andrew Joron, Kevin Killian, Nora Toomey

       * Saturday, September 27
100 Thousand Poets For Change / Bay Area Poetry Marathon joint event
____ Curator: Donna de la Perrière ____
Readers:  Dodie Bellamy, Johnny Hernandez, RJ Ingram,
Nomy Lamm, Lorelei Lee, Ben Mirov,
Colin Partch, Monica Storss, Sunnylyn Thibodeaux


All events will be held at THE EMERALD TABLET, 80 Fresno Street
(in North Beach, near the intersection of Columbus & Broadway)
Doors open at 7:00pm.  Readings begin at 7:30pm sharp.
250199_188614884523806_5425475_nDirections here
For more information, email Donna de la Perrière at baypoma@zoho.com