Upcoming 2015 Events


* Saturday, June 20
____ Guest curator: Colin Partch ____
Readers:  Christine Choi  *  Nathan Gale 
Emily Hunt  *  Stephen Jamal Leeper  *  Alexandra Mattraw
Aaron Simon  *  Carol Snow  *  Daniel Suarez

* Saturday, August 8
____ Guest curator: Zoe Tuck ____
Readers:  Elana Chavez  *  Madison Davis  *  Rob Halpern
Geraldine Kim  *  Tessa Micaela  * Monica Mody
Maisha Quint  *  Cosmo Spinosa

       * Saturday, September 26
100 Thousand Poets For Change / Bay Area Poetry Marathon joint event
____ Curator: Donna de la Perrière ____
Readers:  Julian Talamantez Brolaski  *  Lisa Cattrone
MK Chavez  * 
Steffi Drewes  *  Rachelle Linda Escamilla
Daphne Gottlieb  *  Erika Staiti  *  Elizabeth Treadwell


 ata_logo_128The first two events will be held at ARTISTS’ TELEVISION ACCESS,
992 Valencia Street (in the Mission, near the corner of 21st Street)

Doors open at 7:00pm.  Readings begin at 7:30pm sharp.

Directions here
ATA mapFor more information, email Donna de la Perrière at baypoma@zoho.com