2013 One Hundred Thousand Poets For Change / Bay Area Poetry Marathon event

430463_486667991356949_930752974_nSeptember 28th, 2013 is the global 100 Thousand Poets for Change Day (http:/www.100TPC.org).

Come to the Bay Area Poetry Marathon’s 100TPC event, and join other poets, musicians, artists, dancers, photographers, performing artists, around the USA & across the planet, in a demonstration & celebration of poetry to promote serious social, environmental, and political change.


Saturday, September 28 … 7:00pm
____   CCA Writers’ Studio, 195 DeHaro Street (@ 15th St.), San Francisco   ____

Curator: Donna de la Perrière

Our readers in San Francisco will include:
* Julian Talamantez Brolaski * J. P. Dancing Bear *
* Zack Haber * Elaine Barry Kahn *
* Evan Karp * Joseph Lease *
* Mariam Dubovik Lease * Erica Lewis *
* Steven Seidenberg * Chloé Veylit *

➣ Doors open at 7pm
➣ Doors close & reading begins at 7:30 sharp


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