2015 Guest Curators

In 2012 we began an exciting BAPM tradition:
guest curators for the June & July events.

And this summer we have two more superb poets on board:

Colin Partch  &  Zoe Tuck.

colin & zoe

Colin will be curating the June reading, & Zoe will be curating the July reading.  I’m so looking forward to hearing the new voices they’ll bring to the series this summer!

With the upcoming closure of The Emerald Tablet, we’ll be moving to a new space — the much-beloved ATA (Artists’ Television Access) on Valencia — for our June & July events.  And we’ll be moving yet elsewhere (TBA) for the special September reading which BAPM will host as part of this year’s 100 Thousand Poets For Change global event & which I’ll curate.

Please join Colin, Zoe, & me for this summer’s exciting run.

* Donna de la Perrière, BAPM Founder & Curator *